How Much Do Coyote Pelts Sell For?

Trapping and hunting coyotes can be useful if you’re trying to control coyote populations and can also provide you with beautiful coyote pelts.

Although demand for fur has dropped over the last couple of years, you can still earn some money from a pelt. 

So, how much do coyote pelts sell for?

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How Much Do Coyote Pelts Sell For?

Depending on its condition, size, and variety, a coyote pelt can fetch around $30. If it is a high-quality pelt, its price may reach up to $60. But it won’t go much higher than that since demand has dropped dramatically in recent years. A lower-quality pelt may only sell for $10. 

Just a few years ago, in 2019, prices reached above $100 a pelt. Western coyote pelts sold at auctions for $100 to $170.

Coyote pelts are creatively made into anything from blankets to hats to leg warmers. But fur is not as popular in fashion anymore, as many consumers prefer fur-free products.

The brand Canada Goose used to line their jackets with coyote fur, creating a large market for pelts. But in 2020, they announced that they would stop buying new coyote fur and discontinue its use in winter coats by 2022.

This was a major blow to the coyote pelt prices.

How Much Do Coyote Pelts Sell For

What Affects The Price Of A Coyote Pelt?

Several factors affect the price of a coyote belt. Below is a list of some of those attributes.

The Type Of Coyote

Pelts from western coyotes bring in more than those from eastern coyotes, which only sell for an average of $10. This is because western coyotes live in climates with harsher winters, developing heavy fur that can withstand the cold.

The Fluffiness Of The Fur

Heavier and fluffier fur is naturally more valuable, as it’s softer and warmer. The quality of a coyote’s fur changes depending on the season. 

The Time Of Harvest Of The Coyote

If the coyote is harvested in winter, it will likely have heavier underfur which is long and soft. Winter fur also tends to be lighter in color.

The Color Of The Fur

If the coyote pelt has short hair, then color influences price: lighter colors increase the value versus dark colors. But if the fur is long, then the price is the same regardless of color.

Damage To The Fur.

Mange, caused by mites living in the coyote’s skin, tarnishes the fur and reduces the value of the pelt.

The Size Of The Pelt

An ideal pelt is at least 36” long when measured from behind the ear to the start of the tail.

A Tanned Coyote Pelt Will Sell For More

It takes effort and time to tan a pelt, but it is much easier to sell than an untanned pelt. With a tanned coyote pelt, you can get prices back up to $70 and $80. The tanning job must be of professional quality, however.

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Where Can You Sell Coyote Pelts?

Many trappers and hunters travel to Canada to sell their pelts at the Fur Harvesters Auction in North Bay, Ontario. The annual live auctions happen in March and May.

Another good option is to find a local fur buyer near you, who will be used to buying pelts of the specific coyotes living in your area. You can also sell them online on sites such as eBay. 

What Regulations Apply When Selling Coyote Pelts?

Regulations vary depending on which state or province you’re in. In most places, you have to be a licensed trapper, a coyote breeder, or a wholesale fur dealer to sell pelts. 

In California, it is illegal to sell fur and pelts at all. It’s legal in other states, but some regulations still apply.

As long as the coyote was killed during the appropriate hunting season, its pelt can be sold at any time throughout the year. 

Final Thoughts

Trapping coyotes is not as profitable as it used to be, since fur is no longer a popular fashion trend.

In the current market, a coyote pelt will sell for $10 (eastern coyote) to $50 (western coyote). The longer and denser the fur is, the more it will sell for.