About Outdoors Mecca

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website OutdoorsMecca.com. My name is Adam, and I am the creator, writer, editor, and resident outdoorsman!

What is OutdoorsMecca.com?

I’ve created Outdoors Mecca to be the premier resource on the web for people who love the outdoors.

People who love to watch the sunrise and sunset. People who yearn to explore and love to hike, climb, camp, fish, travel, hunt, discover, and LIVE for the amazing natural world around us.

Outdoors Mecca is a place to share resources, articles, tips & answer questions. My goal is to help you plan a trip, choose a piece of outdoor gear, or just inspire you to get outside!

I write about outdoor hobbies such as survival, hunting, and backcountry camping.

And I love to talk about living an outdoor lifestyle, whether you are a weekend warrior or full-time wilderness nomad.

My Story

Ever since I was a young boy, I loved being outside in nature. It really didn’t matter where…In the woods, on the water, or somewhere in between.

As I got older, I began to travel around the world and that really opened my eyes. Our planet is an amazing place, filled with abundant wildlife, treasures, and outdoor opportunities.

I’ve lived a very blessed life and learned a lot. I want to share what I have learned with you. I enjoy researching, writing, and encouraging people to get outside- It’s better than therapy!

Achievements & Milestones

I live this lifestyle day in, and day out and have since I was a kid. Below are a few notable achievements and milestones that demonstrate my passion…and that the Outdoors is my Mecca.

  • Accomplished survivalist and bushcraft practioner.
  • Wilderness First Responder.
  • Experienced Angler (check out my other website, PanfishNation.com).
    • Proficient with fly gear & conventional tackle; Freshwater and Saltwater fishing.
  • Knowledgable Hiker and Backpacker
    • I’ve Hiked Ben Nevis, the Austrian Alps, the Amazon Rainforest, the Grand Canyon and Machu Pichu!
  • Excellent wildlife identification skills and amateur naturalist.
  • Avid hunter, conservationist and public land explorer.
  • Proficient boater and paddle craft operator.

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