Why Are Hunter Boots So Expensive?

Hunter boots have gained a reputation of being the top rain boot and have become iconic in this genre of footwear.

The popularity of these boots has grown to be a global phenomenon to the point that these functional rain boots have become fashionable. Is all the hype around these boots warranted, and why are they so expensive?

Hunter boots have been an iconic rain boot since 1956. The high price for these boots is due to a combination of high-quality rubber used in their production, quality workmanship, and the public demand for the boots. They became synonymous with the hunting set of the British elite.

Why Are Hunter Boots So Expensive

Many products that receive international acclaim and become a household name generally have some substance and quality that earned them the reputation.

Sometimes the public appeal has a negative effect on the quality of the product because the product becomes mass-produced to keep up with demand.

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Why Hunter Boots Are So Expensive

There are several reasons that these iconic rain boots consistently demand higher prices than other products that essentially do the same job.

Hunter boots, referred to as Wellies, were originally designed to be hardworking boots for wet and muddy weather. The target market was the hunting community of the British elite, work boots for farmers, and general gardening boots.

The market for these boots has since grown to include runway models for fashion shows, designer boots for garden shows, busy commuters on wet city streets, and even general waterproof footwear for construction workers and boat crews.

Several factors contribute to the consistently high price for these boots.

Recognizable Hunter Design

The Hunter boot design has become a classic style that is recognizable worldwide. The classic, familiar design is carried through all their rain boot range to develop a recognizable brand, and the classic style has come to represent quality for rain footwear.

Classic, recognizable design and style carry a price tag, and the classic tall rain boot can easily fetch more than $150.

Durability Of Hunter Boots

Hunter boots are made from high-quality pure rubber, which is the main reason for their high starting price. Quality materials will always place a product in a class of its own and keep loyal customers coming back to buy replacement gear.

Hunter boots are built to last, which is an attribute most people enjoy in a product since they feel they are getting value for their money.

The value that customers place on these boots because of the high quality of the product serves to keep the sale price of hunter boots consistently high. However, this is not just marketing and public demand hype, as the durability of the boots lasting several years speaks to the value for money in Hunter boots.

Hunter Boots Are Well Made

Good materials are one thing, but if the craftsmanship in the building of the product is sub-standard, the product will not last. The proven durability of Hunter boots is a testament to the quality of the craftsmanship that goes into each pair of boots.

Hunter boots were originally produced and manufactured in Scotland, but this plant closed in 2008, and the manufacturing was distributed to factories in Indonesia, Italy, Thailand, UK, Vietnam, Turkey, India, and China.

Even though the manufacture of the boots is outsourced to countries worldwide, strict quality measures are in place to standardize the look and quality of the boots.

The boots are all still made from the original 28-piece pattern developed in 1956, with some variations depending on the boots’ intended use.

Hunter Boots Are Practical

Hunter boots started out as practical footwear for wet and muddy conditions, in other words, a practical shoe rather than a fashion statement.

Even though the brand has achieved iconic status and their boots are no longer only purchased for their practical application, the design has not lost its practical roots.

The Hunter Boot company has not compromised on the practicality of the boots for the sake of fashion but has remained true to its roots of producing a functional, practical boot.

If you live in an area of frequent rainfall as I do, you’ll agree that having quality rain boots is very important.

Hunter Boots Are Versatile

The range of hunter boots has since increased to include short boots that reach to the mid-calf and ankle-length boots, all made with the same practical purpose in mind; waterproof footwear.

Some of the styles have taken on a more fashionable look rather than the original outdoor look, but the same design feature that makes the brand recognizable flows throughout the entire range of shoes.

Hunter boots have an expanded range from their original rural green Wellies that started their journey. The range now included boots of various colors, boots of different lengths, and a choice between glossy boots and matt-colored boots. 

The boots are available in styles for men, women, and even styles suitable for kids, contributing to their popularity.

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How Long Do Hunter Boots Last?

As with any product, how long these boots last will depend on how often you wear them and what care you take of them.

If you only wear them in the wet, muddy season, they will last for many years, but if you use them as your daily farm boots, you may only get a year or two use out of the boots.

Hunter boots are made from 100% pure natural rubber, and like all-natural products, they will degrade over time and with use, particularly if left in the sun or mud is left to dry on the boots. The rubber will eventually become hard and brittle and will crack.

At this point, the boots will no longer be waterproof and would need to be replaced.

Do You Need To Wear Your Hunter Boots With Socks?

Hunter boots are made from rubber and have no material inserts. This means that if your feet become hot in the boots, they will sweat. Without the material of socks to absorb the sweat, your boots will become smelly.

Socks are recommended to be worn with Hunter boots to absorb any sweat and to provide additional warmth for your feet in colder conditions.

The best way to wear hunter boots is with the boot socks manufactured by the company specifically to be worn as an inner for their boots.

The boot socks provide that additional warmth and moisture absorption and have a turnover that you turn over the top of the boot, which adds some flair to the design.

Most people who have Hunter boots and have tried wearing them with Hunter boot socks prefer wearing the boots in this way.


Hunter boots, despite the fashion hype, are well-made, functional, and practical rain boot for use in the outdoors. The high price of Hunter boots is driven by their quality and popularity, but the cost is not over-priced in terms of the quality of the product you receive.

So, while the price you pay for Hunters boots may be more than the norm, the waterproof boots you get are of better quality than the competition.

Any product that has managed to sustain a loyal following for more than half a century means the product itself is worth the price; otherwise, it would have died out as a fad decades ago!