Can You Make Money Geocaching?

Can You Make Money Geocaching

Okay, you’ve seen the popularity of geocaching and participated in this fun hobby. Now you may be asking yourself: Can you make money geocaching?

In this article, I’m going to share with you a few opportunities that may open your eyes, and lead to making some extra money participating in the world of geocaching.

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Can You Make Money Geocaching as an Entrepreneur?

Geocaching is a hobby that is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. For this reason alone, it is possible to make money, however, you have to get creative and resourceful. Start by analyzing your local geocache scene, and ask yourself what kind of value you can provide to fellow members.

If you think and sleep geocaching and feel you can offer better products and services, consider becoming an entrepreneur in this fun hobby.

There are a few rules and licenses that have to be respected, but almost any generic object can be used as a geocache treasure.

Walkthrough craft shows or anywhere geocaching merchandise is displayed and consider starting a business with geocaching products or providing private group geocaching for a small fee.

Can You Become a Consignee for Geocaching Merchandise?

Strike up a deal with a company that provides products for outdoor treasure hunts. These can include samples or coupons from local sporting goods stores or mail-order preserved foods.

Think camping and the wilderness to design your own brand and set up a booth at geocaching events and display preserved foods or filtered water jugs. Either provide the products through your brand or provide coupons to be used in a physical store.

A 30% to 50% profit can be realized by providing advertising and sale. The more stores you visit and the more popular the items can give you a good source of income.

Are you a Crafty Person with a Love of the Outdoors?

As more and more hobby enthusiasts turn to geocaching, the need to attract like-minded individuals becomes important. Making new friends, hearing about local hunts, and increasing your knowledge of GPS coordinates comes from sharing adventures.

Everything from lanyards, survival bags, and marked sweatshirts and jackets will attract those in the trade. Use your crafty skills to advertise the excitement and start taking orders for your handmade wares.

Keep an eye out for geocaching activities in different areas and advertise your products by taking part and also enjoying the hunt. 

How Social Media Can Make You Money in Geocaching

Use Facebook and Instagram to report your best experiences in geocaching. Pinterest is another great site for presenting and getting new ideas for trinkets and material items to sell.

Once you get a crowd following your adventures (don’t forget to create a unique username!), think of building a website where geocaching folk can swap ideas and adventures. Share your creative homemade geo products with others and maybe even post schedules of upcoming adventures where personal geocaching can be offered at a fee.

Use the premium features of the official geocaching app to network and message other users; host a local meetup and start reaching out to others who may be interested!

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Cashe In, Trash Out (CITO)

CITO is an environmental initiative where participants not only clean public areas but search for hidden geocaches among the rubble.

You would be amazed at the number of treasures that can be stumbled upon. Line up distribution points where recyclables can be kept and taken into centers for profit.

Partner Up With

The easiest and safest way to turn a profit in geocaching is to partner up with Visit their site and discover how making a profit is easy peasy. 

Adventure Lab App

Private Adventures – Branded option for your organization, so you may charge players for exclusive gaming and customized access. 

Partnership Promotions

Take advantage of big-name sponsors and enter to win exciting huge prizes. Example: Michelin awarded a set of MICHELIN® tires and a trip for two to the U.S. city of their choice; Jeep Geocaching Challenge photo contest winners received a brand-new Jeep. Very big companies are getting behind the geocaching craze!

Turn-key Marketing Program

An active Geotour is designed to attract visitors to a specific area for tourism. Besides helping the community gain out of state visitors, you can partake in offering your brand geo trinkets and informational pamphlets to the public. 

Start out by contacting your local city or county and ask how you can help and get involved with showcasing your town.

API Programs

If techy is your passion, join the API program that gives third-party developers the opportunity to work with Geocaching HQ on a full suite of integrated products and services for the benefit of the global geocaching community.

After all, geocaching is a tech-based hobby that does require either a GPS or Smartphone.

Merchandise Program

Be ready for any geocaching event with this network of approved vendors. Leave the planning and manufacturing to someone else and reap the profits of fun-time events. Become a Geocaching distributor or a Geocaching vendor of Geocaching products.


Before jumping in with both feet, make sure you experience geocaching personally. Half of the fun of making money is enjoying what it is you do.

Different types of treasure hunts in different environments can be exciting and rewarding. Geocaching has evolved from a small hobby to huge, public treasure hunts that are well-organized and for people of every age and ability.

There are nonprofit organizations, as well as businesses for geocaching. Think about the different ways that geocaching is offered and adjust your money-making skills to meet the challenge.

And remember, as with anything try and provide value to your audience. Whether that is through personalized tours, marketing, partnerships, or merchandise…the sky is the limit if you put your creative hat on.

Thanks for reading!