Can A Pitbull Kill A Coyote?

Pitbulls, bred to be fighters, can kill many dogs larger than themselves. With their strong build, they are the ultimate fighting dog breed.

But how do they match up against a wild canine? Can a Pitbull kill a coyote?

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Can A Pitbull Kill A Coyote?

A Pitbull can absolutely kill a coyote. Coyotes and Pitbulls are fairly well-matched as fighting partners. Coyotes are slightly larger than Pitbulls, but they also have a thinner frame, weighing less overall. Pitbulls pack a lot of muscle and can outweigh coyotes by 10-15 pounds. 

Coyotes are fast and nimble, built to catch small prey like rabbits. So they may be more adept than Pitbulls at escaping an attack, but once the fight has started they don’t have the same strength as the Pitbull does to pin down their opponent.

A Pitbull’s jaw is also stronger. Pitbulls can bite with a strength of 235 pounds per square inch. Coyotes, meanwhile, have a bite force of around 135 PSI – still a strong bite, but not the same as a Pitbull’s.

Can A Pitbull Kill A Coyote

But coyotes can sometimes kill Pitbulls. Cases of coyotes killing Pitbulls are rare, but it can happen if the coyote is much larger than the dog, or if it is a group of coyotes attacking. 

Coyotes only take on large dogs like Pitbulls if they are together in a pack. Alone, a coyote knows its chances are too slim to kill a Pitbull without getting badly hurt itself.

If a Pitbull came near a coyote’s den during pup rearing season, however, the coyote would be much more aggressive and defend its territory with more violence. 

Coyotes are also becoming bolder in urban areas. When a coyote faced off with a larger Pitbull in a park, it lunged and bit at the dog before being scared away by the owner, as caught in this video.

Will A Pitbull Attack A Coyote?

Pitbulls are protective dogs and will defend their owners and other pets they live with against predators such as coyotes. 

There have been cases of conflict between coyotes and Pitbulls for this reason – sometimes the Pitbull is the winner, and sometimes it’s the coyote.

But it all depends on the Pitbull and the coyote. Pitbulls can vary greatly in personality. While many still have the aggressive nature that was bred into them, some are simply shy and friendly pets.

If a Pitbull is not trained to be a fighter, it will not necessarily have the instinct or ability to kill a coyote. The same goes for coyotes – some are younger and less experienced at defending and handling threats from dogs. 

Snarling Coyote

Can A Pitbull Take On A Pack Of Coyotes?

While most Pitbulls would be able to fight off and even kill a coyote, they would likely not be able to defeat a group of coyotes. There are some stories, however, of aggressive Pitbulls killing several coyotes at once. 

Podcaster Joe Rogan retells a story of a Pitbull killing nine coyotes. The story is probably exaggerated a bit, as this would be a major feat for any medium-sized dog to do.

But a trained hunting Pitbull might be able to kill a few adult coyotes along with several pups, so it’s not out of the question.

Can A Pitbull Kill A Wolf?

While a Pitbull can take on a coyote, no dog can easily kill a wolf. Wolves are much larger and heavier, with stronger bites. Wolves also live in packs more often than coyotes do, so the chances of a Pitbull facing off with one wolf are slim.

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What Other Dogs Can Kill Coyotes?

Pitbulls aren’t the only dogs that can kill coyotes. Large breeds like mastiffs, the Great Pyrenees, and the Kangal Shepherd are some other dogs that would be able to kill coyotes. 

These breeds are also skilled guard dogs, so they would act defensively if they encountered a coyote.


Pitbulls are capable of killing coyotes and have done so numerous times. But it’s not an easy fight, as coyotes are fast and can inflict serious damage themselves. 

While a Pitbull can defend itself and its owner from a coyote, it may get hurt in the process and come out with a few battle scars.